At its meeting on January 3, Desert Water Agency elected new officers for its governing body. Board officers serve an important role in leading the Board of Directors, which makes high-level decisions that set the trajectory for the Desert Water Agency team. The Board selects its officers by nominations and a majority vote.

Director Paul Ortega (Division 4) joined the Board in 2020 and will serve as the Board President.

Director Jeff Bowman (Division 3), elected in 2022, will serve as Board Vice President.

Director Gerald McKenna (Division 2), elected in 2022, will serve as Board Secretary-Treasurer.

The DWA Board is made up of five members that community members elect to represent them.

The Board President conducts meetings and appoints fellow Board members to lead various committees that ensure Board oversight of all key Agency functions. Together, the Board President and Vice President make up the Executive Committee, which is responsible for reviewing meeting agendas and responding to urgent issues. The Secretary-Treasurer is responsible for reviewing financial statements and attesting to Board resolutions and ordinances.