Desert Water Agency encourages you to skip overseeding and allow your grass to go gold for the winter. Better yet, use a rebate to help switch to a desert landscape.
If you do choose to overseed though, make sure it is efficient:

  • Start later: overseed in late October or November, you will need less water to germinate the seeds.
  • Check your sprinklers: fix any pressure problems, make sure sprinklers are aimed in the right direction and repair any leaks.
  • Water efficiently: keep your seeds moist but not soaked, water a little and often (e.g. five times a day for a couple minutes each time). After seeds germinate, reduce the number of times you water each day.

Check out our factsheet on overseeding efficiently.

You can also watch our September 2020 webinar on overseeding efficiently  or read this Quorum article on why you should skip overseeding.