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Desert Water Agency encourages you to skip overseeding and allow your grass to go gold for the winter. Better yet, use an incentive to help switch to a desert landscape.

For more information on water restrictions, go here.

Top 4 reasons to skip overseeding:

  1. Doing your part during drought matters for our community
  2. Seed prices are up significantly this year
  3. Landscape labor costs are at an all-time high
  4. It's a very water intensive process to get the new seeds to germinate. 

If you're still not convinced and plan to overseed despite restrictions, please do it efficiently.

You can also watch our September 2020 webinar on overseeding efficiently  or read this Quorum article on why you should skip overseeding.

Thanks HOAs for not overseeding!

    • Mesquite Canyon Estates
    • Canyon Estates
    • Via Isla
    • Villa Roma
    • Palm Springs East
    • Sunrise Racquet Club
    • Palm Oasis
    • Sunrise Oasis
    • El Dorado Palms Estates
    • Cathedral Canyon Country Club
    • Casa Sonora
    • Ramon Estados

Want a sign!

If you would like a sign for your yard to help spread the message, send an e-mail to