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Recycled Water

In 1977, Desert Water Agency entered into an agreement with City of Palm Springs to enhance conservation and protect groundwater by recycling wastewater. DWA’s water recycling facility opened in 1988. Today, the facility has a capacity of about 10 million gallons per day. DWA delivers recycled water to various locations throughout the community.

Sewage is collected at the City of Palm Springs wastewater treatment plant and treated. DWA then receives the treated water, and treats the water at our recycling facility again before it is distributed for use. Recycled water is used for irrigation on Palm Springs public golf courses, public properties, parks and schools.

Desert Water Agency treats almost all of the wastewater in our area and delivers it to large irrigation customers.

Recycling water also improves groundwater quality. When used on landscapes, it reduces the amount of fertilizer needed because it is rich in minerals. Less fertilizer applied means less that percolates into our groundwater. Additionally, recycling water saves energy. Recycled water uses 75% less energy than pumping groundwater.

DWA recycles nearly all of the wastewater within in the Agency’s service area. In 2010, DWA completed construction of a half-million-gallon reservoir, expanding storage capacity of the plant. The Agency also constructed two shallow wells at the recycling facility in 2015. These wells are used to capture water that sits just beneath the ground’s surface around the recycling facility. Even though this water is not suitable for drinking water, it can be used to supplement the recycled water supply.