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Current Rates

The Desert Water Agency Board of Directors approved the second phase of a five-year rate plan at its meeting on June 18, 2024. Click here for more information on the newly adopted rates. Rates listed below are in effect as of July, 1 2024. Additional rate changes will occur effective January 1, 2025.


Rates Brochure

Download our brochure for residential and commercial rates and charges in English or Spanish. We also have a page with development rates & charges.

Volumetric (unit) rate

The amount of water used each month is billed at $2.44 per 100 cubic feet (100 cubic feet = 748 gallons of water). This part of your bill likely changes each month based on the amount of water used.

Monthly Water Service Charge

The water service charge is the same amount each month, no matter how much water you use. This charge helps cover DWA's fixed costs (which don't change based on your usage) like system capacity, meter reading, and water quality testing. The amount of the charge is based on the size of your water meter. 



5/8 x 3/4 inch


1 inch


1 1/2 inch


2 inch


3 inch


4 inch


6 inch


8 inch


10  inch


12  inch


Zone Pumping Charges

A zone pumping charge is added to the volumetric rate for higher elevations areas shown on this map. This charge is per unit (hcf). 



A, C, F, J


B, D, G, I


E, H, K




Chino Creek Rate

The volumetric (unit) rate for the amount of water used each month for the Chino Creek area is billed at $6.40 per 100 cubic feet (100 cubic feet = 748 gallons of water).

Sewer Charges

In portions of its service area, Desert Water Agency collects and sends sewage to City of Palm Springs or Coachella Valley Water District for treatment.

The City of Palm Springs provides sewer service to its residents and businesses (click here for more information).

Cathedral City Residential Sewer 

Monthly treatment cost                                 $20.00 – $29.48*

DWA sewer service charge                          $ 7.31

Cathedral City Businesses, Schools & Apartment Complexes

Monthly treatment cost varies based on your location’s sewer capacity and/or flow. If you would like more information regarding your property’s monthly treatment cost, please call the office at 760-323-4971.

Monthly treatment cost                                Determined by property type & characteristics*

DWA sewer service charge                          $ 7.31

Grease trap charge (if applicable)              $14.00

*This charge is a pass through from City of Palm Springs or CVWD, depending on your location.


Replenishment Assessment Charges

(for large groundwater pumpers with private wells)

Desert Water Agency's replenishment assessment charge is $215 per acre foot (effective July 1, 2024).

Recycled Water Rates & Charges

Desert Water Agency's recycled water rate is $0.70 per hundred cubic foot (effective July 1, 2024).

The recycled water monthly service charge is as follows (effective July 1, 2024):



2 inch


3 inch


4 inch


6 inch


8 inch


10 inch


12 inch