• Watering so much that it runs onto the sidewalk, driveway or other non-landscape areas.
  • Applying water to driveways, sidewalks, concrete or asphalt is prohibited unless to address immediate health and safety needs. Reasonable pressure washer or water broom use is permitted.
  • Watering during and 48 hours after rain (click here to learn more about Smart Irrigation Controllers)
  • Running water to wash vehicles. The use of buckets and stop nozzles on hoses, for rinsing only, shall be permitted.


  • Agency customers are encouraged not to empty and refill swimming pools from June 1 through October 31.

California restrictions:

  • The use of potable water to irrigate ornamental turf within street medians shall be prohibited.
  • The use of potable water by certain types of properties to irrigate “non-functional turf” is prohibited.

You can report violations of state restrictions by clicking here.


First offense: $50 for single-family, $100 for all other

Second offense: $100 for single-family, $200 for all other

Third offense (and beyond):$250 for single-family, $500 for all other

DWA may turn water off to customers not making efforts to comply.

Ordinance 77 (water use restrictions)

Water waste reporting tool

State Water Board FAQ on water restrictions

For questions or comments about the mandatory water restrictions, please email our conservation team.

How can I report violations?

For violations of water waste (Level 1) you can report waste to DWA. Our team uses the reports to issue warning letters and to help us better enforce the rules. Please include precise time and location information in your reports.

For violations of California prohibitions on median and “non-functional turf”, you can report waste to the State

Do the level 1 restrictions apply to all DWA customers?

Desert Water Agency's Level 1 water waste prohibitions and restrictions apply to all customers. 

Are there restrictions on watering during the day?

The Desert Water Agency (DWA) Board of Directors on Tuesday, April 18, 2023 voted to return to level 1 of the Water Shortage Contingency Plan. As a result, there are no restriction on when you can water. 

    The State continues to prohibit certain types of properties watering “non-functional turf” – please review the State FAQ.

    What time of day can I water?

    Currently Desert Water Agency does not have restrictions on when you can water. We recommend that you minimize daylight watering as the best time of the day to water is before sunrise and/or after sunset (non-daylight hours). 

    How does watering at night save water?

    Watering when the sun doesn't shine reduces water lost to evaporation. Take this into consideration when adjusting your irrigation timer and think about cutting back number of minutes you're watering.

    How are HOAs affected by these rules?

    HOAs should follow the rules for level 1 water conservation that includes not allowing over spraying, water runoff, and encourages timely repair of broken irrigation. A full list of action under level of DWA's water Shortage Contingency Plan can found in Ordinance 77.

    Grass in common areas of HOAs, if not recreational or protective of trees and shrubs, is subject to the State’s prohibition on irrigation. Please check out the State’s FAQ on their prohibition.

    How does the state ban on watering “non-functional turf” affect me?

    The State is prohibiting businesses, governments and HOAs from watering “non-functional turf” which is considered grassy areas that are not actively used for community events or recreation. These areas can continue to be watered if necessary for the health of trees and shrubs. Recycled water use is not subject to this rule and can still be used. Please check out the State’s FAQ on their prohibition.

    How do you know if I am checking for a leak?

    Desert Water Agency personnel will look for crews or cones in the area that demonstrate the sprinklers are running for a leak check. If these things aren’t visible, our team will issue a citation.

    Is DWA going to run out of water?

    Desert Water Agency is NOT running out of water. In the long run, these restrictions will help our community because they reduce water demand and decrease the amount of imported water needed to replenish our groundwater basin.

    What water saving actions are in place?

    To further help save water, Desert Water Agency, as part of its Level 1 Water Shortage Contingency Plan will:

    • Have ongoing water waste patrols
    • Actively discourage overseeding
    • Reach out to customers about rules
    • Reduce hydrant and dead-end line flushing

    I have more questions that are not answered here, who can I reach out to?

    Please email or call 760-323-4971 extension 279 if you have any specific questions.