To meet a goal of 10-13% conservation for long-term sustainability, Desert Water Agency has water use restrictions in place.

Those observed violating these restrictions will be subject to fines.


  • Watering so much that it runs onto the sidewalk, driveway or other non-landscape areas.
  • Washing of hard surfaced exteriors, such as driveways, parking lots, walkways and other hardscapes, shall be prohibited unless for public health or safety. Pressure washers, recycled water, water broom and water from a bucket are permitted.
  • Watering during and 48 hours after rain (click here to learn more about Smart Irrigation Controllers)
  • Running water to wash vehicles. The use of buckets and stop nozzles on hoses, for rinsing only, shall be permitted.


  • DWA recommends that customers water in the morning or evening to avoid water loss to evaporation.
  • Agency customers are encouraged not to empty and refill swimming pools from June 1 through October 31.

Additional California restriction:

  • The use of potable water to irrigate ornamental turf within street medians shall be prohibited.
Ordinance 65 (water use restrictions)

Water waste reporting tool

For questions or comments about the mandatory water restrictions, please email Ashley Metzger or Vicki Petek.