Bill Assistance

Income eligible customers can get a $200 bill credit through DWA's Help2Others program. 

Income eligible customers can also get generous funding from the LIHWAP program.

Due to restrictions in California’s constitution, DWA is not able to offer discounted water rates or bill credits/forgiveness to low-income or senior customers. If you would like to set up a payment plan, please contact the Agency at 760-323-4971 ext. 129.

Desert Water Agency worked with United Way of the Desert (UWD) to establish a fund specifically to help low-income customers pay their water bills, Help2Others or H2O. Desert Water Agency and its employees make thousands of dollars in contributions to this fund (also supported by DWA vendors), and to UWD to help fill other needs in our community. UWD may also be able to refer you to a variety of community organizations or programs to help with your other expenses. Call (760) 323-2731 ext. 100 or visit their page to apply online. People are also welcome to donate to Help2Others through United Way of the Desert.

We’ve also assembled a list of resources that may help you pay your water bill, or offset other critical needs like food and electricity.
  • For Southern California Edison customers in Palm Springs, there is a once-annual utility assistance program that can be accessed through Salvation Army at (760) 324-2275 or through Catholic Charities at (760) 342-0157.
  • There is also Solutions for Seniors program with Jewish Family Services. The seniors do not need to be Jewish (or any religion) to benefit from the service and JFS is able to do a complete evaluation of the senior’s finances and needs to see what programs they qualify for. Often times, seniors qualify without realizing what is available to them. (760) 325-4088
  • Another need of seniors and others in need is food. FIND Food Bank is the very best resource for food distribution, and they keep a current list of all the food pantries in the area. United Way funding helps significantly with this resource. (760) 775-3663
  • There is also 211- which is similar to 411, but it is for social services information. Anyone can dial 211 from a landline or a cell line and get accurate information on human and health care services in Riverside County.
  • If you’re 60 years old or greater and have tried the resources above without luck, Riverside County’s Office on Aging may be able to help pay your utility bill. (951) 867-3800

We also encourage all customers to make sure they are using water efficiently. This will save water and money. Checking your home and yard regularly for leaks will help you avoid high bills. You may also want to take advantage of a water-saving rebate through DWA. Call 760-323-4971 ext. 184 or visit for more information.