The Desert Water Agency Board of Directors on Wednesday, July 5, approved a 20% property tax rate reduction for fiscal year 2023/2024.

The new rate of $0.08 – down from $0.10 per $100 in assessed valuation – will appear on property tax bills issued by the County in November.

This DWA tax appears as a line item on the tax bill of properties located in DWA’s boundary, to pay costs associated with the State Water Project (SWP).

SWP is California’s vast water system of canals, pipelines and reservoirs that helps import water from the northern part of the state to our region.

As a public water agency, DWA does not profit from the services it provides. Rates are determined by the cost of providing service.

The increase in property values has allowed DWA to reduce the tax rate and still meet its SWP financial obligations.

The tax may appear on a property tax bill even if DWA is not the water service provider to the property. That is because DWA is a State Water Project contractor – one of only 29 in the state – and bringing water to the region enhances property value.

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