California celebrates Water Awareness Month each year in May, providing an opportunity to highlight the value of water in our daily lives and how we can protect this precious resource.

Our region relies heavily on groundwater as its main source. Because we use water from the underground basin, DWA also replenishes it with imported water. This helps ensure we have a healthy supply for the future.

Conservation is also critical to making sure there is enough water. That’s why DWA works closely with customers and regional partners on sustainability and conservation.

From washing machine and toilet rebates to turf and smart controller incentives, we offer a variety of programs to encourage our customers to conserve. In addition, you can find ideas on how to save water and money and leak detection tips on our website.

A new state regulation is in the process of being finalized to further promote water-saving initiatives. Making Conservation a California Way of Life will cultivate long-term practices that will help address California’s limited water supplies. The regulation will set new water use targets every year for DWA’s entire service area (not individual customers or businesses) that combine:

  • How much water a person uses indoors per day
  • How much water residents and commercial customers use outside
  • How much water is lost through leaks

Once the regulation is finalized this summer, DWA will know how much the state expects our retail area to conserve and we will build on existing conservation efforts to meet these targets.

California is expected to continue to see extreme weather swings. DWA is always preparing for the next dry year. We know our customers have stepped up to save water and our area has made great strides over the years. We look forward to continuing to work with you as we implement the new regulation. Together, we can make a difference for our communities today and for generations to come.