One of the best ways to ensure a healthy planet is to save water! It is a precious and limited resource that should be protected and preserved.

At Desert Water Agency we work hard to be good stewards and make sure water use in the desert is sustainable.

Celebrate Earth Day on April 22 by doing your part to conserve – year-round.


Here are a few tips to get you started:


  • Watch the weather! Don’t irrigate during or 48 hours after rainfall, or while it’s too windy.
  • Install a smart controller to adjust irrigation for you. DWA has a rebate of up to $250.
  • Make sure sprinklers are watering your landscape, not the pavement.
  • Sweep your driveway and sidewalk instead of using a hose.
  • Replace grass with water-efficient landscaping. Get $3/square foot from DWA, plus an extra $1 from Palm Springs if you’re in the city.


  • Defrost food in the fridge instead of under running water.
  • Check pipes and appliances, such as dishwashers and water heaters, for leaks.
  • Keep showers short.
  • Turn off water when brushing teeth or washing hands.
  • Upgrade to an Energy Star washing machine and get up to $250 back from DWA.
  • Upgrade to an ultra-efficient toilet and get up to $150 back from DWA.

Conserving water will also save you money! Get more water-savvy tips and information on all DWA’s rebates for customers at