DWA’s lobby is currently closed to the public. We encourage all customers to pay their bill electronically or by phone. We have assistance for those in need – please see the “Get Help” section on the home page.
El vestíbulo de DWA esta cerrado actualmente al publico. Recomendamos que paguen su cuenta electronicamente o por telefono. Tenemos asistencia para aquellos que necesiten – por favor vea la sección ‘consigue ayuda’ en la página de inicio.

On April 18, Desert Water Agency's Board of Directors voted to retain its conservation target of 10-13% but to remove the watering schedule that was in place during the drought. DWA customers can now water on any day or time but the agency will continue to issue citations for wasteful watering practices. Customers are still encouraged to water during the mornings or evenings since evaporation peaks midday. 

DWA's 10-13% conservation target is compared to 2013 levels and is to help the agency reach long-term sustainability goals. Since the target was set in June 2016, DWA customers have shown a great commitment to conservation by saving 21%. 


Watering so much that it runs off onto driveways, sidewalks, etc. is still prohibited as is watering during and 48 hours after rain. Throughout the state, people are prohibited from using water to wash down patios, sidewalks and other hardscapes. In his April 7 Executive Order, the Governor also indicated that watering grass within a public street median would be permanently banned. 

DWA is encouraging customers to take advantage of rebates to convert visible grass areas to desert landscaping and rebates to install smart (weather-based) irrigation controllers, free precision sprinkler nozzles and efficient toilets.

2016-2017 Turf Buy Back Grants

Smart Irrigation Controllers



Toilet Rebate Program