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Rates & Charges

These rates and charges were most recently updated on July 1, 2019 and are subject to change.

Review Charges

Development review: The Agency will charge $140 for administrative services, including will-serve letters, development bond amount letters, and responses to initial studies.

Plan check: To review plans, DWA charges $140 plus $0.10 per linear foot of public main or a flat of $140 if there is no main or if it is for a landscape plan check. Additional fees may apply if the plan check extends beyond three correction markups to the engineer. Please allow for up to six weeks for DWA to complete plan check.


Domestic water system construction specifications book: $35 each
Sanitary sewer construction specifications book: $35 each


1.Get ‘checked by’ signature from DWA engineer.
2.Request a cost estimate from DWA.
3.Obtain DWA General Manager signature.
4.Schedule a pre-construction meeting.
5.Get approval for installation of meters.
6.Obtain final project approval and acceptance.

For a list of the requirements for each step of the process, please call 760-323-4971 and ask to speak with someone in the planning department.

Connection & installation charges

Backup facility charge: This charge provides for source of supply and storage for all regular service connections.

METER SIZE Base Zone East Zone Chino Zone Snow Creek Village Palm Oasis Chino A Chino B East A East B Southridge B
5/8x3/4 inch $2,470 $2,357 $3,026 $2,082 $1,493 $3,679 $3,276 $2,541 $3,030 $2,320
1 inch $6,175 $5,893 $7,565 $5,207 $3,734 $9,198 $8,190 $6,354 $7,575 $5,800
1-1/2 inch $12,350 $11,786 $15,130 $10,414 $7,468 $18,396 $16,380 $12,708 $15,150 $11,600
2 inch $19,760 $18,857 $24,208 $16,662 $11,948 $29,433 $26,208 $20,332 $24,240 $18,560

Supplemental imported water charge: This charge funds the costs to acquire new rights for imported water as development projects require water to meet additional demand.

5/8x3/4 inch
$1,370 $1,250 $1,720
1 inch $2,250 $2,740 $6,530
1-1/2 inch $4,440 $8,830 $25,210
2 inch $10,960 $15,090 $23,970

 Connection charge: A fee of $70 per foot of the frontage of the property applies to all new water connections. This serves as reimbursement for the cost of the main.

Service installation

1 inch $1,800
2 inch $3,230
4 inch + Cost + 15%

If concrete and/or asphalt pavement removal and replacement are required a charge of $664 for concrete and $1,380 for asphalt pavement will be added.

Meter installation

5/8x3/4 inch $255
1 inch $335
1-1/2 inch $530
2 inch $705

 Backflow installation 

5/8x3/4 inch $647 $843
1 inch $812 $1,005
1-1/2 inch $1,480 $1,689
2 inch $1,870 $2,053

Customer control valve installation (new services only)

1" $360
1-1/2" $370
2" $435

Temporary service connections

A temporary meter will be installed for use during construction.

Water used is charged at $2.37 per hundred cubic foot (HCF) plus applicable zone pumping charges. 

  Deposit Monthly Charges Installation/Removal Relocation
Meter $964 $163.14 $140 $70
Backflow device $500 $34.15 $140 $70

Zone pumping charges:

Base $0.00
A $0.24
B $0.28
C $0.61
D $2.70

To determine which zone your property is in, pdf click here .

Also, see: Temporary Construction Water Meter