As of July 1, customers can get $3 per square foot for new grass removal projects.

For an average front or back yard, a $3 incentive provides about $4,500 in funding to replace grass with water-efficient plants or artificial turf.

Funding is available for homes, businesses, HOAs and more.

This grass removal incentive helps our customers save water and money. Conserving water is always important in our desert.

Details to note:

  • Grass must be present when applying and cannot be removed until DWA inspects the property
  • There is no minimum or maximum square footage requirement
  • Incentive can be used on front or back yards.
  • Residential applicants have 90 days to complete the project
  • Commercial and government applicants have 180 days to complete the project
  • Existing projects funded at the $2 per square foot amount may not drop out and reapply for the same area

The online application is easy. Go to to apply.

DWA also offers incentives on smart controllers (up to $250), water efficient nozzles ($5 per nozzle plus an extra $2 per nozzle for install), and EnergyStar washing machines (up to $250).

To learn more about incentives, go to

Do your part to save during the drought and apply for an incentive!