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If you believe DWA staff have not appropriately applied the program terms and conditions, you can appeal the decision to the Conservation and Public Affairs Committee.


Steps to appeal:


  1. Send an email with applicable support documentation to Any documentation which helps DWA staff and the committee understand your case is extremely helpful. You can also mail your appeal documentation to:

Attention Conservation

Desert Water Agency

PO Box 1710

Palm Springs CA 92263


  1. DWA will contact you confirming receipt of your appeal documentation.
  2. DWA will schedule your appeals on the Conservation and Public Affairs Committee agenda and let you know the time and date of the meeting.
  3. You can attend the Committee meeting in person or by Zoom. DWA staff will present your documentation to the Committee, and you will have an opportunity to address the Committee.
  4. The Committee will review the appeal and documentation and make a decision.
  5. Staff will inform you of the decision. All decisions are final.