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Temporary Construction Water Meter

pdf Temporary Water Meter Application

Cost to Set Temporary Water Meter

$1,634.00 (includes $1,464 deposit, installation and account establishment charge)

Additional Costs

Monthly backflow charge: $34.15

Monthly meter charge: $163.14 

Moving the meter: $70.00 each

Water cost: $2.37 per hundred cubic feet plus any applicable zone charges

Zone Charges

Janis Tuscany, Terrace, Andreas Hills, Valley Vista and Palm Oasis $0.24 per hundred cubic feet
Lower Southridge and Vista Miller $0.28 per hundred cubic feet
Upper Southridge $0.61 per hundred cubic feet
Tramway $2.70 per hundred cubic feet

 Water bills are due and payable upon receipt. If not paid by the next month, service will be discontinued and DWA will pull the meter.