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Pool water saving tips

Pool conservation tips

  • Keep your pool filled at about 6 inches from the top so it doesn’t spill over when people get in.
  • Minimize evaporation by turning off water features when the pool area is not being used.
  • Pool covers are one of the most effective ways to reduce evaporation. Covers can help minimize temperature changes, chemical evaporation and prevent debris.
  • Check for leaks – pool leaks can account for thousands of gallons of water loss.

Treat your pool and save water

In order to help customers save water, DWA has partnered with several pool companies that offer reverse osmosis treatment for pools. These companies are offering a discount on the process of purifying pool water, which may eliminate the need to drain and refill a pool.

How it works: a mobile filtration unit comes to your property and pumps water out of the pool and puts it through reverse osmosis treatment. This removes particulate and sends clean water back to the pool.

Thanks to our pool partners! 

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