In light of recent news about some large Southern California water agencies declaring emergencies, Desert Water Agency would like to remind its customers that drought restrictions are still in place. The agencies in the Coachella Valley are all currently in Level 2 of their water shortage contingency plans due to the statewide drought mandates.


Level 2 water restrictions adopted in June 2022 and still in effect include:

  • No spray/sprinkler irrigation during daylight hours (leak checks are okay – please use a cone)
  • Restaurants to provide water only to guests that ask for it
  • The State also has a prohibition on certain types of properties watering “non-functional turf” – please review the State FAQ.

Because the Palm Springs region sits on top of an aquifer, our community has a buffer against the immediate supply concerns that come with drought. It is still vital though, for long-term sustainability that all residents, HOAs and businesses work to save water.

In the Coachella Valley, Level 1 restrictions for tap water always in effect include:

  • Do not water so much that it runs onto the sidewalk, driveway or other non-landscape areas
  • Don’t wash down driveways, sidewalks, concrete or asphalt unless it is for immediate health and safety needs. (DWA permits reasonable pressure washer/water broom use)
  • Do not water during or 48 hours after rain (click here to learn more about smart irrigation controllers)
  • Do not wash a car with a hose (DWA allows buckets and hoses with shutoff nozzles for rinsing)

Penalties range from $50 to $500.

DWA keeps its latest information about current restrictions at

If you would like to report violations of the Level 2 restrictions, please visit and fill out the quick and easy form to let DWA know so crews can investigate and follow up with the property owner.

If you’re interested in stepping up to do your part, DWA is here to help with incentives and resources. Visit to find out how you can upgrade your property, get cash back and achieve long-term savings.