Late fees & turn offs

Late fees

In July of 2017, Desert Water Agency implemented a new late fee policy to reduce agency resources dedicated to collections. If you do not pay your bill within 7 calendar days of the due date listed on that bill, you're subject to a $25 late fee. The late fee will appear on your next bill. If unpaid, it could result in service shut off for nonpayment. 

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Service shut off for nonpayment

If your bill is unpaid by the time the next bill is issued, in addition to the late fee you will see a shut-off notice enclosed. You have until the due date listed on that bill to pay the total charges due. If you do not, your water service may be turned off. If your water service is turned off, a $70 turn on fee (or $150 after 4:00 p.m. or outside of business hours) applies for us to send someone to your property to turn your water back on. 

Customer assistance program - Help2Others

If you have trouble paying your bill, please contact look through our pdf customer assistance resources . Our employees and vendors contribute to a fund to help customers in need pay water bills. The fund is managed by United Way of the Desert. Please contact them with questions at 760-323-2731 extension 23. You can apply for assistance online as well.