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Turf Buy Back Grants


Turf Buy Back — Completed Project Checklist

Program information

  • $1 per square foot rebate (single-family residents can also choose to apply to for more funding) 
  • Artificial turf can be counted as "plant cover" (you may use the rebate toward a 1:1 replacement of artificial turf for grass)
  • Single-family homes - if there is a fence, hedge or wall of any type/height between the street and your project, it is ineligible. Back yards are not eligible (check with for funding)
  • Large-scale projects will be scored based on  pdf scoring criteria  and approved as received.
  • Turf still must be in place at the time of application - this means no retroactive turf removal projects will be approved
  • Applicants must provide a before and after photo for conversions
  • Rebates are considered taxable income by the IRS



Single-family homes will be processed first come, first served. Large-scale projects can still apply and will be judged by pdf scoring criteria .

If you intend to apply, it is important that you review the following documents. 

Large-scale projects (any HOA, business or public project, regardless of square footage) 

Single-family home projects (no back yards or areas behind fence/wall/hedge/gate)


  pdf Brochure

  pdf Spanish brochure  (folleto en español)

  pdf Terms, conditions and eligibility

  pdf Photo guide

  pdf Map guide (large-scale projects only)

  pdf Measurement/square footage guide

  pdf Blank W-9

  pdf Blank W-9 equivalent for foreign residents

Workshops & Additional Information

Last summer we held several workshops for customers interested in the program. To view the presentations, click below. Please note some of the information may be out of date. Contact our office at 760-323-4971 if you have any questions.

  pdf Landscapers that attended our workshop 

  pdf Mature Plant List

Plant Library

Lush & Efficient 

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FInished with your project?

If you are finished with your project, please click here to fill out the 'Project Complete' checklist.  You will also need to submit your receipts and a completed W-9 form before we can issue your check.