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Smart controller tips

Device troubleshooting for Hunter brand controllers: call 760-591-7383

5 Tips for Your Smart Controller
1. Programming check. Be sure that you check your programming occasionally to see that the settings haven’t changed. Remember your run time should be set for the MAX run opening time for summer. DWA recommends that you water early in the morning to reduce evaporation.
2. Clean off. Your weather sensor may not be working if it is covered with debris. Make sure that you clean the area around your sensor on a regular basis and check after storms to be sure the wiring in intact.
3. Don’t bypass. Make sure that your switch is in the active mode. If it is in bypass mode your rain sensor will not work and you may end up getting a penalty for watering during the rain.
4. It’s ok to shut off. When we get a good rain (like we have been lately) and there is rain in the forecast, don’t shy away from turning the controller off for a few days (or weeks). The rain sensor is on your roof in direct sunlight so it may dry out a good deal sooner than your soil.
5. Power up. Check to be sure that the power supply for your device is working. Also, make sure that your backup battery has been changed in your smart controller, that way if the power goes out your programming is saved.
How to (Hunter X-Core model):
• Push down on the wire cover
• Unscrew the battery cover with a small Phillips-head screwdriver
• Pull to remove battery
• Replace with new CR 2032 3V battery (Pro-C models also use a 9-volt battery)
• Put back into battery slot and tighten screw
• Put wire cover back on device