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Weather-based irrigation controllers (smart controllers)

Smart controllers customize watering times for irrigation systems based on the climate, temperature and evapotranspiration rate.

The smart controller replaces your existing sprinkler timer.  Like your existing timer, it tells you sprinklers when to come on and for how long, but this device uses its attached weather station to adjust the watering times based on the weather that day.  

Thanks to an agreement between Desert Water Agency and Sentinel Energy Center, DWA can provide smart irrigation controllers to customers at no cost to them (depending on the device). 

If you've already got a controller and need some help, visit our Smart controller tips page.

Desert Water Agency will rebate you up to $150 for eligible devices and up to $100 for professional installation of a weather-based irrigation controller. For commercial or homeowners' associations, DWA will rebate up to $2,500 for the device(s) and up to $750 toward professional installation.

To apply for a rebate:

  • read the terms & conditions below
  • purchase and install a weather-based irrigation controller - keep your receipt(s)
  • fill out the form below within 45 days of your purchase
  • wait for your check in the mail (it usually takes about 45-60 days)

pdf Eligible smart controller guide

pdf Smart controller rebate terms & conditions

Application form

Fill out this application form to get your rebate.
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Desert Water Agency will rebate up to $100 for professional installation. We need an invoice to reimburse this amount. If you install the device yourself, we will not provide a reimbursement but do need a photo to confirm that the device was installed.

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Please read terms and conditions located above this form.


Applications can also be filled out at 1200 Gene Autry Trail South during business hours.