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Efficient Sprinkler Nozzles

Get rid of water waste due to old sprinkler spray heads with free efficient sprinkler nozzles. Efficient sprinkler nozzles can save customers up to 1,400 gallons per head per year and can reduce the amount of water that runs onto the sidewalk. Precision nozzles distribute water more evenly, apply water more efficiently so less is needed and disburse water more slowly and in larger droplets to help reduce runoff.

Thanks to an agreement with Sentinel Energy Center in Desert Hot Springs, DWA is able to offer rebates for efficient sprinkler nozzles.

pdf Irrigation Nozzle Rebate Application

Residential customers:  25 nozzles or 1 nozzle per 100 square feet, up to $500
Commercial customers:  100 nozzles or 1 nozzle per 100 square feet, up to $3,000

How it works:
1. Purchase qualifying rotary nozzles or non-adjustable/pressure compensating bubblers.
2. Complete the rebate application.
3. Provide receipt(s) and photos of installed irrigation hardware.
4. Get a rebate!


Recommended nozzles

  pdf MP Rotator

  pdf Rain Bird

  pdf Toro

  pdf K-Rain